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Diffraction image of a nanostructure sample taken in an experiment at the free-electron laser facility FLASH at DESY using a single ultra-short, extremely intensive and coherent laser shot of just 25 femtoseconds duration, © DESY, Nov 2006

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Instruments & Experiments Topic leader: Charles Simon (ILL)  - Email

New concepts and technological advances are developed for the scientific experiments and their related instrumentation being completed within CRISP, in parallel to the further development of accelerators.

During the past decade the research community has witnessed a trend to more sophisticated experimental set-ups, increasingly complex sample environments, and a suite of novel applications in a broad range of scientific disciplines. This has often stimulated new developments, which have been undertaken, largely, within a single research infrastructure.

In order to exploit fully the capabilities of the upgraded and new facilities, a joint effort is made, aimed at common developments and deployment of common protocols, tools and equipment. This offers unity to a portfolio of experimental stations offering unprecedented performances to the rapidly growing user community. Added to this, it facilitates the user migration from one Research Infrastructure to another.

Existing synergies between research infrastructures in the area of Instruments and Experiments are exploited further under CRISP by the following actions: