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INDRA detector © Enguerrand J.M. / GANIL, 2012

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Detectors & Data Aquisition Topic leader: Johann Heuser (GSI-FAIR)  - Email

The need for efficient and high performance detectors and their associated instrumentation is common to essentially all Research Infrastructure projects. Some of the new RIs in preparation heavily rely on the construction of new detector systems that go beyond current, well established technologies. Other RIs need to develop completely new approaches. Research and development efforts, undertaken by individual facilities, are, however, cost intensive; and common developments and sharing of expertise and know-how are often key ingredients for significant progress. Furthermore, with the expected increased performance of the upgraded and new RIs, novel and more performing data acquisition and signal processing standards need to be developed.

Existing synergies between research infrastructures in the area of Detectors and Data Acquisition are exploited further under CRISP by the following actions.